Are You on Autopilot? Your Guide To a Mindful Work Day

June 5, 2018


You will spend about 97,760 hours at work throughout your life time! At times, going to work can get boring, sometimes you may feel you are on autopilot, just following the routine. Many people experience a loss of motivation and unhappiness in their work which lead to a variety of other issues that can affect their personal lives. The fact that most offices are cold, boring, and lack personal touches doesn't make it any easier.  Most people think of their office space as just a place to work and don't pay much thought to the fact that they spend  a large amount of time there. The truth is that there are a variety of benefits to putting some effort into your work space including, increased motivation, productivity, reduced stress, improved mood,  increased creativity, and better overall mental health


Here are a few simple ways to make your work space more mindful:


Re-arrange your office

I totally believe in the saying "cluttered space, cluttered mind".  If you have been working in the same office for years, you probably have some things lying around that you have not used in years. Take some time to do a "spring cleaning" give away things you no longer use, throw away or recycle old papers, notes, or folders that are no longer of use to you.  Then re-arrange what you can, move things around slightly, even small changes and make a difference.


Bring in Some Pictures and Art

Pictures bring life to any room. Bring in some small picture frames of your friends and family and put them somewhere where you can see them when you look away from the monitor. If you don't have a window in your office, you can buy a nice picture of a beautiful place and hang in on the wall directly in front of you. Personally,I have a picture of Italy hanging in front of me in my office and trust me, it is nice to look at and to dream for some minutes before getting back to work.  If you prefer, you can also hang some inspirational quotes in your office. Nowadays you can find wall stickies anywhere with a variety of colors and sayings for a pretty low price. 


Invest in an essential oil diffuser

Essential oils are all the rage right now and for good reason. They are cheap, easy to find, and with the right oils can provide you with a ton of benefits such as stress relief, allergy relief, concentration, clear up sinuses, help with focus, and bring a refreshing scent to your space. 


 Play some music 

Music is a nice way to energize you while sitting in the office all day. Music can help improve your mood, help you focus, and bring some peace to your day.Find a playlist that compliments the type of work you do and you may find yourself feeling a little better about your day. For my line of work, I tend to stick to instrumentals in my office when I am working with people and a "relax & unwind" playlist when I am writing or updating client files. 


Download the Break Taker App

If you are like me, once you sit in that office chair you don't get up, except to go to lunch (on some occasions). This little app called Break Taker downloads right to your computer and will pop up to remind you to stand up, take a walk, get a drink of water, stretch, and much more! This app has been the only reason I get up and after I do, I always feel better. 


Get a small sand tray or a mandala 

Looking at a computer screen all day can be really damaging to your eyesight and to your mind! A small sand tray about the size of a wallet is all it takes to refocus your attention for a few minutes. The Break Taker app I mentioned above will tell you to look away from your computer screen, and this is hard if you don't have anything else to direct your attention to. There is something about moving some sand around in a tray that is so satisfying and relaxing. The sand tray will help you refocus your attention, and help relax your eyes and mind for a few minutes. If you prefer, you can also invest in an adult coloring book or mandala to keep at your work station, this way you can access it when it's time to take a computer break.



Bring in some plants

Plants are great for the overall look of the office but did you know that plans can actually help you reduce stress and bring a sense of calmness? The hardest part about this is being able to find a plant that is ideal for the environment you work in. I'm pretty sure this article called The Ultimate Guide To Office Plants, has everything you need to know to make the right purchase.



I would like to hear all the ways you keep yourself motivated at work! do you do any of these things or what else has worked for you?



 Micheline Maalouf, M.S. is the founder and owner of Serein Counseling, LLC in Orlando Florida.  She specializes in working with individuals who are facing all sorts of anxiety including, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Micheline is certified in mindfulness and incorporates these practiced into all her sessions with clients to ensure they achieve the best results.  Follow her on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest. Call today for a free 20-minute consultation (407) 721-6453





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