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Image by Yuriy Kovalev


se·​rein |  \ səˈraⁿ, -ran \ |

plural -s

History and Etymology for Serein

French, from Middle French serain evening, nightfall, from Latin sero late

Definition of Serein

1: Archaic : the supposed fall of dew from a clear sky just after sunset

2: Mist or fine rain falling from an apparently clear sky


  • Trauma-Informed therapy for: 

    • Childhood trauma​ C-PTSD)

    • Abuse (Sexual/physical)

    • Emotional/physical neglect 

    • Attachment trauma

    • Religious shame/trauma

  • Treatment for Anxiety

    • Generalized anxiety ​

    • Social anxiety

    • OCD

    • Specific Phobias

    • Health Anxiety

  • Identity/life transitions

    • Gender identity/sexuality 

    • LGBTQ+ issues (identity, coming out, transitioning, religious-based shame)

    • Women’s issues

  • Life Coaching

    • ADHD

    • Transitions​

    • Career and Education

    • Behavioral changes and accountability

There is something so soothing about that evening sun shower. The colors of the sky, the rain on the windows, and the clarity and calmness that follows.


Serein Counseling was founded in 2017 by Micheline Maalouf, who always reflected and got lost in the beautiful colors and feelings the "after rain" day held. When we experience childhood trauma, it can feel as though our entire world has been soaked with pain, and it can feel and seem impossible to find a ray of light. Something to give us clarity. It's there. Behind the clouds, your sunshine exists, and we are here to help you find it. 

Serein Counseling LLC is committed to providing quality Mental Health Services to the State of Florida, providing virtual and in-person mental health services. Mental Health Counselors at Serein Counseling are trauma Informed and trained to utilize evidenced-based treatment approaches.


Serein Counseling trains all its Mental Health Therapists to utilize approaches rooted in neurobiological bottom-up approaches and practices, including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR),  Somatic Psychotherapy,   Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,  Internal Family Systems, Attachment-Based approaches, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Life Coaching.


Mental Health practices and treatment plans are individually created for each client to help individuals heal past trauma, aid in reducing and managing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and more.

Our therapists and coaches are passionate about helping and have special training and experience that you can count on as you progress through this delicate and rewarding journey. 

Take a look around; we hope to meet you soon. 

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